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Domain DNS Management

Add and manage your own A, MX, CNAME or other DNS records, you can: and of course at no extra charge

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Domain Manager

Take full control and consolidate all your domains. It’s simple and easy.

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24/7 Phone & Email Support

Contact one of our friendly Customer Care Specialists, as we are always willing to help.

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Domain Transfer

Transfer your domains to us and experience the benefits of low and competitive pricing and easy management tools.

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Domain Renewal

We offer renewal your register domain name when it is due with no surprise increase in fees

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Whois Management

Domain registrant appears in the WHOIS and registrant can update it freely

Domain Pricing Details

Details About Domain Pricing

Domain Name01 YearRenewTransferOwn AccessWHOIS PrivacyOrder Option
.com£9.95 GBP£9.95 GBP£9.95 GBP£ 0.00Order Now
.net£9.95 GBP£9.95 GBP£9.95 GBP£0.00Order Now
.org£9.95 GBP£9.95 GBP£9.95 GBP£0.00Order Now£5.99 GBP£5.99 GBP£6.95 GBP£0.00Order Now
.biz£9.99 GBP£9.95 GBP£9.95 GBP£0.00Order Now
.agency£14.99 GBP£14.99 GBP£14.99 GBP£0.00Order Now
.academy£19.99 GBP£19.99 GBP£19.99 GBP£ 0.00Order Now

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