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Business Telephone System | Cloud7 WebHosting

A phone answering system can be a tremendous brand-building experience.

We offer Call Management Solutions that will help to improve the service you provide to your customers whilst bringing many benefits to your business.

Many potential customer and clients don’t want to use email or text, so the only way to reach them is by phone or mail.

Whether you are a sole trader, small or medium sized businesses you can benefit from a robust automated phone system without paying ridiculous monthly charges.

Whatever business you’re in, chances are you sometimes need to receive calls from both existing and potential customers.

We want you to project the winning image of a successful and customer focused business.   The first impression of a caller tells whether you care. Your own digital telephone answering system would do just that.

How it Works :

Five Easy steps to set-up and run call management and answering system for your business

Select a Number

  • Choose a business phone number which could either be a FreePhone or a virtual number. With this, you also get a web portal where you can monitor your business calls and set up department details, analyze call data and reports. You can also add contacts and users and define a role for each user.

Design custom IVR

  • Set a professional IVR for your business phone number. The IVR routes the call to the assigned department/agent. If no user answers the call, the call gets transferred to a voicemail. You can also create and design a location-based, contact-based or time-based IVR for your business, depending on your requirement

Add departments and agents

  • Add different departments and professional message to your IVR such as sales, support etc. Assign users to each department. Also, create extension numbers for each user for direct contact.

Publish the number

  • Published and promote your phone number online and offline to your customers and prospective ones. You can include your number on your website, advertisements, business cards, and social media. Increase brand recognition through your centralised phone number.

View and subscribe to call reports

  • From your dedicated porter, you can monitor the reports of the number of calls received, made and missed by your team. You can further view and analyze your call reports both user and department wise to monitor your business’s activities.

Remarket the callers

  • Reach back to your callers through Email, SMS, and Facebook Remarketing. Select subscription lists to reconnect with your callers via customized campaigns based on their call attributes. Also,  you can call for reports to analyse the RoI of your marketing campaigns.

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